What`s Happening at Tactical Martial Arts This Fall

Good afternoon everyone,


We hope you all had a great holiday and feeling refreshed!


PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THAT STUDENTS ARE TO BE BACK IN FULL STUDENT UNIFORM AS OF TONIGHT! IF their uniform no longer fits, they can purchase another one at the front desk for $65.00

If you have not registered for the tournament yet, please do so ASAP. Please remember it is required for all students to do one tournament per year and this is the last one for 2022.


September 9th is the last day for new or returning students for this cycle. We will reopen enrollment September 26th.


All Rank Taekwondo Testing is Saturday, September 24th   THERE ARE NO TAEKWONDO CLASSES ON THIS DAY!

Shadow Moogis / Dragons 9AM

White/ Orange / Yellow Belts 10AM

Camo/ Green/ Purple Belts 11AM

Blue & Up 12PM



5 Classes for $75.00


Receive 10% Off

When You Pay Off Your Membership In Full


ALL Paid In Full

Memberships 15% OFF


1 Year Testing Card



Full Gear Package






IF you have any questions, please DO NOT hesitate to ask!


Thank you,