This Moogi Testing Cycle is Courage!!!

This testing cycle, our Moogi character is Jun-Sa!
Jun-sa is a fun loving, eager young dragon who loves to make everyone laugh. He is very adventurous and sometimes leaps before he looks. He is always there for his friends! 
Do you or someone you know relate to Jun-sa? Or do you think there might be a little Jun-Sa is us all?
***Moogi Parents***
Don’t forget our character for this testing cycle is Jun-Sa! Our Moogi missions for this cycle are focused on Courage! A full list of missions are listen below but will be given out during class and can also be picked up at the front desk. All moogis need to bring their books to EVERY class so that we can sign off on their missions! Students will need to have completed 6 of the 8 missions MINIMUM to be eligible for testing on March 26th! 
Moogi missions for Courage:
1. Lead part of warm up
2. Listen to advice and use it
3. Face failure and know it`s not terrible
4. Tackle a new chore at home
5. Tell your parents when you do something wrong
6. Don`t let others bully you
7. Make a new friend
8. Don`t follow bad directions