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Hello Everyone,

Happy September! We hope everyone is doing well and getting back into the swing of school and extra circulars, all of us here at Tactical Martial Arts are definitely  ready for some cooler weather! All is well here at Tactical Martial Art, classes are back to normal in house and we are still offering our virtual class options via Facebook live as well. Our July Taekwondo and Krav Maga testings were of great success and we are currently gearing up for our next Taekwondo testing on September 26th, as always, there are no Taekwondo or Krav Maga classes on testing days! We do currently have open enrollment for our next testing cycle starting September 28th. All Krav Maga and Taekwondo students are on the Fall 2020 schedule as of August 3rd, so please advise to those who have been absent for some time. The current Taekwondo schedule is Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings, times vary depending on age and rank. Krav Maga classes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings as well. Please speak with a staff member for your class time if you are unsure.

This past weekend we hosted our 2020 Black Belt Camp, where we hosted fellow ATA students for a fun weekend of training. This year was different than years to say the least. In years past, camp is typically  limited to Black Belts ages 13 and up,  as well as the fact that we traditionally host camp in Tallulah Falls, GA , where we spend the weekend camping, hiking and participating in various water activities in our down time. This year, we skipped the camping part, cut out the “fun time” and got down to the knitty gritty of training, which was still an absolute blast as participants got to learn new drills, perfect their techniques and evolve their self defense skills to a whole new level. Everyone was awesome in abiding to the CDC guidelines in regards to social distancing and other safety protocols, by them doing so, Black Belt Camp was smooth sailing and for that we thank you!


With classes being cancelled Saturday, August 29th for Black Belt Camp, we will be holding classes THIS Saturday, September 5th. The only day we will be closed for the holiday will be Monday, September 7th. We will reopen for business Tuesday, September 8th with regular business hours. If you need to reach a staff member during the time that we are closed, please send an email to Droegesata@gmail.com and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.



Currently SALES for this week:


5 Classes for $25.00 (valid for new members only)


(10) 30 Minute Private Lessons for ONLY $250.00 ($100.00 savings)


10% OFF All Gear and Merchandise


As always, if you have any questions, please DO NOT hesitate to speak with a staff member.


We hope to hear from you all soon!









Chief Master Todd Droege is a 8th Degree Black Belt and 3 Time World Champion. He is a licensee for one of the world`s largest Taekwondo Organizations, American Taekwondo Association, which he has been apart of since starting his Taekwondo career at age 10. Chief Master Droege focuses on building the curriculum to produce a well rounded individual, he not only believes in teaching people how to defend themselves, but to also exhibit vital life skills such as discipline, respect, integrity and courtesy. Chief Master Droege is always looking to help others further their skill set and evolve and travels throughout the world to do so. Since opening his first school is 1984, Chief Master Droege has evolved his skill set and since started Concealed Carry Solutions, which specializes in Women`s Firearm Safety.

He resides in The Cobb County area with his wife of 31 years, “Susan” ,who is a retired M.S gt of USAF and their German Shepard “Gunner”.