What To Expect At Testing

What To Expect at Testing


Who Is Eligible

The testing candidate list  that is released is the list of students who have met the testing criteria. The testing criteria is 1. Students must have attend 8-10 classes. 2. Must be in good standings at school and home 3. Students must have a solid understanding of the class material and actively participating in classes. 4. All tuition fees must be current. 5. If the instructors feel if the student is ready for testing, they will give a testing sheet to them for the parent to fill out.

How To prepare

Students should have been actively attending classes since the testing cycle started. Students should not only be attending classes, but also practicing the material at home. If students are not understanding the material, we ask that they speak with their instructor. We can schedule one on one private lessons with an instructor we can also provide videos with step by step moves for the material.

Testing Protocol

Students MUST be in FULL STUDENT UNIFORM ON TESTING DAYS, no t shirts or colored pants! Uniform should be clean and free of stains.  Parents will have needed to have previously filled out their child`s testing sheet and turned it in no later than Thursday!  Please make sure that you are early as those that show late will not be allowed to test. If for whatever reason you are unable to attend testing, please speak with Ms. Patience so we can schedule you to to either pre or post test.



For the day of testing, we do offer 10% off all gear, uniforms and apparel. So this is the perfect time to replace any old gear that is tearing or has been outgrown. Also now is the perfect time to begin to pick up holiday presents.




As always, if you have any questions, please DO NOT hesitate to ask!



Goodluck to all testing!


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