What is Tac Fit?

“ What is Tac Fit?” you ask.


Tac Fit is a 30 minute long, high intensity, full body workout. There are anywhere from 12-15 different stations where you perform various exercises for 1 minute intervals with 30 second rest periods. Exercises include climbing a cargo net, squats, boxing, pilates moves and many other fun exercises that keep your motivated and enjoying your workout!


Avoiding the plateau phase


If you continuously do the same exercises, same reps, same weights over and over again, eventually your body will develop muscle memory, adapt to your workouts and your results will plateau. With Tac Fit the exercises and weight change frequently to avoid this plateau phase.



The results?

We get it, you`re a busy person with limited time and don’t want to spend all day in the gym to only get mediocre results! Since there is hardly any “down time” and you stay moving throughout the class, you get the same results in 30 minutes as you would spending hours in the gym on the cardio equipment, sounds like a win right?


So what do you have to lose? It`s 30 minutes! Call us today to set up your first Tac Fit Class!

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