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Testing Week at Tactical Martial Arts

Testing Week at Tactical Martial Arts

January 25, 2021

Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!

We hope you all had a great weekend. As most may know, this is testing week, so the pressure is on! Please make sure that you or your child is attending their regularly scheduled classes as well as practicing at home! We will be handing out testing sheets now through Thursday, if you do not get a testing sheet in your class, please ask an instructor what can be worked on so you can try again in your next class. Please remember that testing is a privilege not a right. Once you receive your testing paper, please fill it out immediately and turn it into the front desk. Testing fees are on the testing paper so please observe. If you need to pre or post test, please speak with a staff member.

                Most Commonly Asked Question: What determines if my child is ready?

The instructors are looking for students to confidently know the material we have been working in class over the last two months. Students also need to show enthusiasm and putting forth an effort in their classes, students should also be exhibiting good behavior at home and school as well as here at the gym.

Testing Schedule (January 30th) NO REGULAR TKD CLASSES ON THIS DAY!

Tiny Tigers 9AM

White, Orange & Yellow Belts 10AM

Camo, Green & Purple Belts 11AM

Blue & Up 12PM


We will have pre- paid testing cards on sale for this week that saves you $100.00 over the course of the year. Cards are kept on file, so there is one less thing you have to keep up with! All you have to do is fill out the testing sheet when you or your child receives them.

All in house merchandise (student uniform, gear, apparel, etc.) is on sale this week for 10% off!

Parents please remember, if your child is a yellow belt testing to camo, they will begin sparring in the camo belt class and WILL NEED sparring gear! This can all be purchased at the front desk and this week is the best time to do it!


As always, if you have any questions, please DO NOT hesitate to ask!

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