Reminders for The 2020 ATA Taekwondo Championships

Things to make your tournament process easier:


As the 2020 Atlanta Taekwondo Championships are quickly approaching and this being the tournament kicking off the new year  we figured we would be seeing a lot of new faces this year. Below you will find some tips on making your tournament experience as stress free as possible. 

1) Bring cash for spectator bands/ registration, this will speed up your process in getting through the registration/ check in lines. THERE IS A $5.00 CASH ONLY PARKING FEE PER CAR, SO CAR PULL IF POSSIBLE! All non competitors ages 5 & up will need a spectator band, spectator band is $10.00 for the weekend.

2) Arrive early, line times can vary depending on the day, so please a lot of adequate time to do so. The Taekwondo Championships will be a Friday and Saturday event, so if you would like to register and/or check in on Friday, you may do so.

3) Have your paperwork filled out and ready when you reach the registration table. If you paid online, be sure to print out your paperwork and bring it to the tournament with you, there is a $5.00 convenience fee for those that registered online and did not bring their paperwork.

4) Ensure all sparring equipment and other gear is accounted for and in working order and that your uniform is clean and ironed the day prior. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THAT ANY MALE COMPETING IN TRADITIONAL SPARRING OR COMBAT SPARRING IS REQUIRED TO WEAR AN ATHLETIC CUP. We will have a merchandise table set up on site if you do forget a commonly forgotten item.

5) Be sure to look at the schedule ahead of time and know what round you/ your child is competing in. Also, be sure to know what rank, competition age you/ your child is competing as, as well as if he/she will be competing as a champion or recreational.

6) Be patient and friendly to staff, volunteers, other competitors and parents. The staff works as hard as they possibly can to make the tournament run as quickly and effectively as possible, please keep that in mind if things get backed up or chaotic.

7) Please remember in the words of Eternal Grand Masters “To Compete Is To Win”. 

8) Plan on this being an all day adventure. Rounds can run late and it is totally normal for that to happen as the day goes on, it`s just part of the game. We do not recommend making early afternoon plans, dates, flights, etc., for this reason. 

9) If you have already registered and are unable to attend, please notify us ASAP.

10) Bring snacks and drinks. ALOT of venues are strict on outside food and drinks since they have concession stands as Lake Point does. But,bring water, granola bars, etc. to keep energy up and to stay hydrated, ESPECIALLY if you are judging for the day! It`s very easy to get wrapped up in things and forget to eat and stay hydrated, don`t be that person! 

We hope this helps and we look forward to seeing everyone in Emerson, GA February 7th & 8th!


Please give us a call if you have any questions at 770-222-1900.