Meet The Team of Tactical Martial Arts ! Week 1

Each week we will be doing an ” About Me” with each of our awesome staff members at Tactical Martial Arts. 

To kick this fun series off, we are starting with one of our Level 3 Instructors, Mr. Clay Weeks


Clay Weeks started his Martial Arts Journey in June of 2012. He started his Martial Arts endeavor thinking it would be a fun challenge and learn how to protect himself if the situation ever arose. Within the first year of taking classes, he began competing and placing at Regional Tournaments and began working towards his Instructor Certification around that same time. Mr. Weeks  joined our team of instructors in Spring 2015 after achieving his 1st Degree Black Belt.  Over the last 5 years Mr. Weeks has achieved his level 3 Instructor Certification and has taught roughly around 1,000 hours here at Tactical Martial Arts. He teaches classes here 5-6 days per week and is also in charge of our Demo Team. 

Mr. Weeks currently attends Chattahoochee Technical College and is currently studying General Education with plans to transfer soon to begin to specialize in his career field. In his free time he enjoys Cinematography and Photography and dabbles in Graphic Design, he is actually in charge of our You Tube channel and does all of our videography for our social media and marketing.


Fun Facts About Me:


Birthday : June

Favorite Color: Blue and Green

Favorite Drink:  Water

Favorite Food: Italian/ Seafood

Favorite Candy: Strawberry Mentos

Favorite Animal: Manta Ray 

Biggest Fear: Heights

If you could visit anywhere in the world ( NO BUDGET), where would it be? Pacific Islands

Favorite Book : To Kill A Mockingbird

Favorite Quote: ” Strive for perfection, even though it’s unachievable.” 

Biggest Accomplishment in TKD: Level 3 Instructor Certification