Important Team Sparring Information

First, Please Share This Link to ATA Region 108 FaceBook Group to your Instructors, Students, etc.
TEAM SPARRING for Upcoming Atlanta Tournament WILL BE ON 8/2, FRIDAY EVENING at Lake Point Sporting Complex, Emerson GA!
We Need both the Team Competitors and ALL Available Judges for Team Sparring at Tournament for 5:30 pm Judges Meeting and will start Competition at 6:00 pm.   Please plan at least 1.5 hours MORE Travel Time due to Atlanta traffic so we can start competition and so your Team doesn’t MISS OUT!!
When the rules are live soon, there are many UPDATES for 2019-2020 Season. Please Read & Re-read to fully understand them.
Something New About Team Sparring Is:
All Team Names MUST BE SUBMITTED to & then you receive your Team Number, then you can enter that Team Number on your Roster to the Region 108 Tournament Team by Wed 7/31, 8 AM or SOONER through email to!  If submitted after this time, we can not allow registration for the Team.
If you have sent email to and have not received your Team Number yet, PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ROSTER & Copy of Email, showing Date & Time sent so that if it comes in a day or so after the Deadline Your Team will be Registered!!
Here is some of the same info and other Important Info:

• For regional competitions, team rosters must be submitted to the RTTL of that tournament by 8 am Wednesday  prior to the tournament weekend. A list of all RTTL email addresses is provided in Section 1 of the Rules.
This would be 7/31st for this event!!

• Prior to competing in the team competitions for the 2019-2020 tournament season.  A certified coach will apply for a Team ID number for this season.

◦ Certified coaches should submit their request for a Team ID number to Master Kevin Pavlik at

◦ Teams will submit a Team Name for approval, and to obtain a Team ID Number, prior to competing in any regional, national or international tournament.

◦ Once a team receives the Team ID Number, the coach MUST use that number when submitting rosters for competitions.

• Failure to use the Team ID Number will result in forfeiture of any points earned at that tournament.

◦ Members who have participated on any team, that place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd  at a tournament, MAY NOT compete on any other team during that tournament season. This includes postseason competitions.

Please keep eyes open for more Tournament info to come soon.  If your students aren’t registered yet, have them do so at