For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

October 12th, 2020

Our Story…


Moving Forward With A Clear-Cut Vision


In addition to myself there are many of our well-respected martial artists and school owners that will be assisting in leading in a new direction with a focus on the core values once instilled in all that is traditional martial arts. For various reasons at this time we will not be disclosing these names other than those seen on the separation agreement and seen below. There will be a list of Masters, Senior Masters Chief Masters and Grand Masters to follow.

A NEW Path…

We will be diligently working on the development of martial arts for the 21st century which will be based on what is happening in our communities today while offering unapparelled support in training, business and operational support.


For those of you in the Martial Arts Industry that know us, you are aware of our level of training and how serious we believe in what we teach. These principles are who we are.  Our country and our communities have all of us concerned about the wellbeing of our students and families within our individual schools. Therefore, we have made a command decision to do something about it.  We believe with life skills such as respect, self-discipline, courtesy etc. ae the foundation of who we have always been and will always be as a Team with a common vision. This basic philosophy paired with an unmatchable curriculum will prepare the martial arts industry for the future.


We did not take this decision lightly and are not only determined but focused and engaged with our Team of school owners, instructors, Masters, and their students. WE CARE and WE ARE here to provide the best programs with the best martial art instruction by the finest martial arts instructors – bar none.


Easy Implementation Makes For An Easy Transition

First things first.  For the next 2 quarters we will have training camps available to assist any martial arts school owner and their instructors on how to implement the curriculum, physical training aspects, and new defense systems. This training that is based on reality of what is occurring in today’s modern world. Yes, we will train you on how to teach it and we will test you on it. This system will not guarantee everyone will pass or be excepted on the first round of training.  All the other martial arts components will be addressed such as stick fighting, weapons training, sparring, focus mitt training, board breaks.


You Won’t Be Left Swimming Without A Direction.

There IS An Island… A Safe Place For You If You So Desire.

Training Begins…

The first camp of this nature is scheduled to take place in Marietta from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. on the 5th of December. Cost will be $149.00

~ BE Ready To Train Hard~.

Training camps, workshops and tournaments are scheduled from 2020 through 2023.  These dates and times will be released in the following weeks. Some of these are currently by invitation only and in a very private setting.  Courses will be held from East to West and North to South across our country and abroad. We do plan to continue to have tournaments.  A few regional style ones are scheduled for the first quarter (COVID permitting) and we have a National level tournament scheduled for the middle of 2021 as well. You and your students will not want to miss this historic event with Master’s and Grand Masters that carry so much history on a long journey to get them where they are today during these volatile times and pandemic.


In Martial Arts Testing’s Matter

There will be promotional rank testing’s, the likes of those that haven’t been seen in many years.  These rank testing’s will be very structured based on a traditional foundation with a modern touch in this ever-changing world. For those that are accepted to be a part of this Team we will be discussing your goals privately with you, one on one.



As a Master Krav Maga Instructor and practitioner Dan Longoria brings to us his vast knowledge and his  TAC Krav Maga company to the equation, with a perfect blend.  This is a great real-world training system which I have personally used and trained with for years with law enforcement, military and civilians. His program blends well with the regular martial arts programs as the rank system is the same as most Martial Art schools.  The TAC Krav Maga program will include knife defense, gun defense, ground fighting and various personal attacks; let’s not forget his Krav Maga focus mitt drills that will really enhance your abilities and the effectiveness to be able to finish the fight.


We are excited will provide the NEXT LEVEL of training – we have partnered Go 2Firearm Safety, Inc. training to offer awareness training to include (home invasion, carjacking, personal protection, workplace violence, active shooter response, etc.). These are all bolt-on programs for your current programs.  Once again, these will be available for you to certify in (must be accepted through an application process) and become experts in your community.


State of the art training facilities across the nation from dry fire training, Utah CCW permits, pistol, rifle and shot gun and various weapon systems and transitions in live fire training will also be available.

We will have Retired Navy SEAL weapon system experts, guest Instructors for DEA, FBI and SWAT, whom we have had the honor of training with, that possesses a wealth of real-world experience.


Here is Our Invited Guest Lineup…

We will have very special guests for training camps and tournaments as well as support for our Teams across the country. For example, well respected Grand Masters, Colonel Shirley (an MD as well as martial artist) will be on board to assist with health and nutrition for all instructors training with us. (we’ve felt this was an important element to the overall training of all that has been overlooked within the industry) Martial Arts Weapons experts, traditional Martial Arts high ranking respected Master Instructors, business and marketing experts and consultants.


Matthew Kilgo isn’t just your every-day attorney. Matthew Kilgo is the owner of The Law Offices of Matthew W. Kilgo, LLC, a criminal defense firm based in Marietta, Georgia. Matt is not only a long-standing friend of mine, he is also working with Go2 Firearm Safety, Inc. and U.S. Lawshield. As an author, “Georgia Gun Law: Armed and Educated” Matthew Kilgo brings a great deal of knowledge to the table when it comes to supporting our Team.

Mike Swain whose achievements include 6 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 9 bronze medals in major international competition as well as the Olympics. He is also the coach for USA Judo for many years. He will be providing invaluable training and is seen as one of the best martial artists on the planet. In 1987 he founded Swain Sports. He grew the company to become a successful multimillion-dollar, international business at the heart of the martial arts equipment industry. In 2008 he sold his company to Dollamur.

Dr. Rick Hammesfahr who developed tactical medicine for SOCOM (Special Operations Command) will be providing life-saving medical training that can and will grow your business when applied within the scope of our curriculum.  He is a renowned orthopedic surgeon, an author “The Tactical Medical Handbook” and one amazing instructor.  He will be providing this invaluable information and training to all in attendance at many of our events, courses, and workshops.  Dr. Hammesfahr and I have been friends for many years and this man is known world-wide for his ability to instruct life-saving applications.

Tracy Lee Thomas is an author and operates several types of businesses from defense companies, martial arts, Krav Maga academies, and a few other consulting and marketing companies.  Tracy has been a long-time friend of mine in martial arts and a business partner in a defense company. He has accepted the invitation to teach at various events we will offer.

Retired Navy SEAL (name will be kept private) that is an amazing Instructor who has worked with one my companies for years will be supporting our Team. He is a particularly good friend, and you will not want to mis any of his instruction from situational awareness, hand to hand, or our firearms training.

Colonel Mark Shirley is a U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeon, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, and a martial artist.  Colonel Shirley brings a great deal of experience to the table as a martial arts practitioner and we are so thankful for his service to our country.

Ms. Amanda Olson (Master Mom) we are please to have her as a guest instructor and for her to share her great knowledge with us. Master Amanda Olson developed the nationally recognized Leadership program for the American Martial Arts Institute, that is taught nationwide.  We look forward to working with her.



Well that’s our “start”!

We will be utilizing the guidance and vision from school owners, Masters to Grand Masters as we embark on this new journey and we are so excited to be a part of this as a Team.

Grand Master S.H. Lee is now and will always be my instructor.  I will always continue to look to him for guidance in all my martial arts endeavors; he is like a second father to me and I have the utmost respect for all that he has instilled in me, as a martial artist and as a man.  I take the life skills very seriously and loyalty is paramount to me. I will always be loyal to my instructors (some not mentioned herein) and have respect for their well-earned rank.  I will never ask anyone to “join us”. If you find this new path in business is more in line with your vision as a martial artist, then we will wish you the best and hope our paths cross again, soon.


My friends, we will have more information on this to follow very soon.  We are focused and secure with our path. It is imperative that all reading this understand this decision was NOT made lightly.  I began in the American Taekwondo Association at the age of 9 years old. I have never held a job outside of instruction in the ATA as a school owner.  Whatever decision you make going forward I respect and those listed herein will also respect the path that is in front of you.


Should you have any questions, please free to reach out to any of us and we will provide you with an explanation.  We are striving to provide transparency and open communication from the very beginning.  Together we will persevere, and we WILL stay focused on OUR mission in Martial Arts, with respect to who you are, the choices you make and the path that follows.


Sincerely your friend and brother in the Martial Arts,










Master Instructor

CM Todd Droege



CM Master Instructors

Steve Westbrook

Daniel Longoria

Marilyn Niblock

Michael Niblock

Ken Reynolds

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