Concealed Carry Solutions

Concealed Carry Solutions

This hands on class will have women feeling poised and prepared about defending themselves and their loved ones.

Concealed Carry Solutions is Designed For Women!

Concealed Carry Solutions class

Concealed Carry Solutions owner and founder Todd Droege created the business with women in mind. Upon years of teaching various firearms courses, he discovered that there was a major gap in a number of firearms training courses and the everyday woman. The everyday woman does NOT run around in combat boots and tactical pants with a gun belt ready for battle and this course was designed with that in mind! Concealed Carry Solutions` mission is to build the confidence and empowerment in women so they can be “poised and prepared” and be able to protect themselves and their loved ones.

See what Women in Marietta, GA are saying about our Concealed Carry Solutions program!

Shonna Barios

I’m really glad I decided to attend the concealed carry course. I’ve had some training and shooting practice in the past, but never took an actual course. The trainers were very knowledgeable and experienced and covered personal safety, college readiness, and home invasion response. I loved that it was hands-on with dry fire pistols too. Even after one day, I felt more confident mentally and physically. I recommend any man or woman take this course and share it with their friends and family. It certainly won’t be my last with them!

Melissa Culver

Very information class, I have owned and shot firearms most of my life and still learned so much from the concealed carry class. The instructor is very knowledgeable and does very well at explaining things in detail. I would recommend this class for all women, no matter their skill set.

Tactical Martial Arts Concealed Carry Solutions Courses Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know about Firearm Safety

This class will cover:

  • Parts of The Firearm (important information for those who wish to everyday carry)
  • Firearm Safety
  • Choosing the Right Firearm For YOU (firearms are NOT a one size fits all)
  • State Firearm Laws (laws can vary state to state so it is VERY important to know your laws)
  • How to Apply for your Carry Weapons Permit (requirements vary state to state)
  • This is a hands-on class! (This is not your average sitting for hours watching a boring slide show presentation, you will be doing a lot of hands on training with the dry fire pistols)
Todd Droege

About the Founder of Concealed Carry Solutions – Todd Droege

Todd Droege has been teaching firearm safety for over 25 years. He is international director of safety for Go2FirearmSafety and has been subcontracted by the DOD to teach pre deployment training classes. He has learned from some of the best in the world and has since past down his knowledge and training to many world renowned firearms instructors. As time has evolved, Todd has now changed his focus into creating the state of the art Women’s Firearm Safety and Training Classes, where all women are welcome and encouraged to be poised and prepared.

Who We Teach

Classes are for any and all women who are looking to educate and build their confidence with firearms. This class was developed specifically for women of all skill sets. This hands on class will have women feeling poised and prepared about defending themselves and their loved ones.

woman shooting a gun
woman shooting a gun

Why We Teach

In today`s world, more women are falling victim to crime daily. Owner and Founder Todd Droege believes that all women should be confident in their ability to defend themselves and their loved ones.

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