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Pink Camo Belt Fundraiser

This October will be our 4th year of raising money for the Atlanta 2 Day Walk For Breast Cancer!  For the entire month of October, students are able to purchase a pink camo belt to wear to their classes instead of their regular Taekwondo belt. Belts are $20.00 and all proceeds go to The Atlanta […]

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Halloween Bash/ Parent`s Night Out

Annual Parent`s Night Out, Friday October 26th.   Students and fellow children, please plan to join us for our Halloween themed Parent`s Night Out on Friday October 26th from 6PM-10PM.  Children will play games to win various prizes, have a fun martial arts class, obstacle course, dance party and watch a movie and eat pizza. […]

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Training Hard for the Respectable Work Ethic

 The old adage that “hard work never killed anybody” remains a fact today. Just like seeds need to be planted early in order to enjoy a timely harvest, children need to be taught the value of hard work very early on in life. Children today are constantly exposed to messages about doing things the […]

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Teaching Children the Nature of Respect

In many ways it seems that we live in an ever-worsening culture of crude, rude, and vulgar speech and behavior. Respect now has the same status as a precious, limited resource like diamonds, oil, or clean water. Too often we hear ourselves complaining that “today’s children just have no respect for people or anything for […]

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