Black Belt Camp 2017

This was the 9th year of Black Belt Camp at Camp High Harbour in Cartersville, Ga. This is 3 days of non-stop fun and training open to all black belts ages 8 & up. All our Tactical Martial Arts staff and instructors attended this year and had the opportunity to train with various Masters from around the country, working on forms, sparring, weapons, combat sparring and some grappling, it was challenging, but they loved every minute of it. When they were not training they were partaking in various  activities such as boating, basket ball and various other activities. This year was a special year at camp, two of our instructors (Tyler Scott & Patrick Legarreta) tested for their 3rd degree black belt and one of our Junior Instructors (Logan Mossor) tested for his 2nd degree black belt. The challenges we faced this year during the renovation period could have made any normal student throw in the towel and call it quits, but Mrs. Legarreta, Mr. Scott and Mr. Mossor all pushed through the obstacles and thrived with greatness. 


We are looking forward to next year for the 10th annual Black Belt Camp and invite all black belts to join us!



Below is a video of Mr.Legarreta, Mr.Scott, and Mr.Mossor testing at Black Belt Camp 2017! 


Video of Testing:

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