Droege’s ATA Atlanta Taekwondo Championship

Tournament Flyer Big 232x300 Droeges ATA Atlanta Taekwondo Championship

Chief Master Droege Invites You To Attend The ATLANTA TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIPS on September 2, 2017


Lake Point Sports Complex
755 Hwy 293 Emerson, GA 30137


All Non-Competitors = $10 (ages 5 and up)

Registration Fees:

Traditional Forms & Sparring = $35
No Multiple Event Discount on Forms and Sparring

Traditional Weapons, Combat Sparring, Xtreme Forms, Xtreme Weapons, Creative Forms & Creative Weapons
1st Event = $25.00
2nd Event = $25.00
3rd Event = $25.00
4th Event = $15.00
5th Event = $15.00
6th Event = $15.00
(Creative/Xtreme Divisions require competing in corresponding traditional divisions)

Jiu Jitsu with Gi/No Gi = $25 each

Family Discount (3rd + Member) = $5 per ATA event

Novice Divisions offered! Even for Black Belts!


Competitors should register all ATA events online through the new ATAEZSIGNUP.com portal. Once your account is created with the new system, you will be able to use it with every Region 108 tournament, as well as any other ATA tournament using the portal nationwide!


The Tournament Schedule is out. Click the button below to download it.

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Hotel Accommodations

Sleep Inn/Main Stay Suites
Cartersville Lake Point
146 Old Allatoona Road SE
Night;y Rate = $135.00
Group Name: Droege Karate

Tournament Rules

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Additional Info:

Call 770-222-1900

Email: Droegesata@gmail.com

Website: www.droegesata.com